Friday, 31 May 2013


I have very limited room on Sickle, so I have to be careful about what equipment I can have.

I have a drawer with cutlery - including a few sharp knives, a couple of wooden spoons and a cheese grater. I have one very small measure which claims to be able to do anything from a teaspoon to a tablespoon and which I rescued from my late MILs house.
  • One saucepan - with two steamer sections
  • One medium sized teflon coated frying pan
  • A collapsible silicon colander
  • A couple of chopping boards
  • A small/medium pyrex dish
  • A cast iron enamel casserole - this takes up a lot of space, but it can go on the hob, or in the oven (I measured it carefully), and will allow slow cooking for those days when you are doing a lot of locks, and haven't got time to faff around with the food.
  • A medium pyrex bowl, for mixing things
  • A plastic liquid measure
  • A Tala dry cook's measure
  • Aluminium foil 
  • An oven glove
  • A 1970s spong mincer - which generally lives stashed under the bed with the tins as it doesn't get used much
Most of this stacks, and is stuffed in a small cupboard.

Other than that a limited number of plates, bowls, mugs. An insulated cafetiere (I can't do without decent coffee) and an enamelled teapot which can be put on the stove to keep warm and was also rescued from my MILs home.

Additionally I have two stacking washing up bowls, which live under the counter (an area under the back deck, immediately above the water, and accessible from the cabin), and contain the washing up until I am able to do it. Why two? One to put the washing up in as you take it out of the other bowl - I don't have the luxury of a draining board.

Finally, a folding crate, which also lives under the counter and is used to store fruit and veg in a relatively cool environment.

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