Friday, 31 May 2013

Cobb Oven - Stuffed Mushrooms

I've had a few chances to experiment with the Cobb oven now, and have been extremely pleased with it.

So far I've managed a family 'barbeque' including baked potatoes and sweetcorn.

Even better was Paella, cooked by the canal in Boxmoor - very pleased with this as I've never cooked Paella before.

A successful vegetable curry, using a jar of sauce.

When I do these things again I'll take photos and add the recipes.

Today I got to make stuffed mushrooms, something I've done successfully in the range before, but this was the first time I'd done anything like this in the Cobb.

It took a little bit of preparing, but once started needed minimal supervision or checking.


  • 2 large flat mushrooms - the ones I had were huge
  • Butternut squash - I usually buy this fresh, but on this occasion took some frozen chunks with me. Frozen squash minces much more easily than the fresh stuff I've used in the past
  • 1 red onion
  • courgettes
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • cheese - cheddar 1 - 2 ounces
  • herbs, pepper
 Vegetables to cook alongside the mushrooms: sweetcorn, asparagus, pepper

I usually cook this with wholegrain rice, because you get a good vegetable stock/gravy that goes well on the rice - but today, just veg.

Mince all the vegetables for stuffing - or chop up as small as you can. Add herbs, 1 teaspoon of oil, grate cheese - mix in together.

Stuff the mushrooms as full as you can. Wrap in foil - shiny side in.

Put into the Cobb oven until ready - as these mushrooms were very large it took about 1 and a half hours - normally it would take an hour or so in the range.

Wrap other veg in foil (shiny side in) add olive oil if needed - add to the Cobb - asparagus doesn't need as long as sweetcorn!

It worked very well, was very filling and had loads of flavour.

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