Monday, 17 June 2013

Simple Barbeque

A simple barbeque, minimal work. Allowing us to carry on working on the boat while our meal cooked.
lighting the Cobb
The Cobb is ready to cook on when the flame goes out, and carries on burning for at least a couple of hours after.

Using 'Penbead' brickettes I used about 7 to cook this meal. I think I could have managed with one less.

wrap peppers and mushrooms in foil with a light drizzle of oil
Potatoes were wrapped in foil, as were the red onions and sweetcorn. Mushrooms and peppers too, but these need less cooking so can be stacked on top of other food in the Cobb oven.

Final meal, with cheddar

Medium potatoes will take about an hour, larger ones longer, so it's better to have more smaller potatoes if you want to eat fairly soon.

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